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We add value to the current operator’s filtering capabilities by offering a comprehensive set of managed services.

Constantly monitoring traffic and administration of SMS Firewall

Communication and notification with offending Roaming Partners

Activity notification
to MNO

Daily reporting
to MNO


Management of MNO customer and Roaming Partner faults

365managed is an effective and efficient SMS Filtering Managed Service

  • Live Data from operator Firewall
  • Probes on operator Network
  • Market & our own Intelligence
  • Periodic Testing
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analysis carried out by our 24/7 Service Management Centre
  • Effective blocking and monetisation

What are the benefits for the Mobile Operator?

  • No additional
    resources required
  • An efficient
    blocking strategy
  • No investment
  • Service
    operational 24/7

Our commitment to deliver revenues to the Mobile Network Operator in the shortest possible time and ensuring that spam and fraudulent traffic is eliminated.